Artwork services

At In House, our skilled staff of graphic artists are well trained in screen printing, direct to garment and embroidery. They are able to deliver a full range of digital artwork best suited for any application.

All vectorization and custom art creation is done by hand – no auto tools to cause problems.

Our artwork rates start from just £5 and are typically  a nearly-unbeatable £5–10 for simple vectorizing or custom designs.




Our artists manually vectorize your images by tracing paths on top of the source image, usually a JPG, PNG or BMP. The final product is a vector file delivered in PDF, EPS, AI and SVG. Auto tracing is mostly inaccurate as the software’s algorithm typically distorts the final product.



In addition to our embroidery and vectorization services, we also have skilled artists that can create a custom artwork from a general idea or an exact picture you may have in mind – for the specific application you need. After a short interview and some educated direction, we can create an a custom piece of art ready for production.

Order Processing

After you register and confirm your email, you will now have a USERNAME and PASSWORD for In House that you will enter after clicking LOGIN. Then, simply choose the service we provide, fill in the form and upload your artwork. You will receive an email stating we received your order. Most orders will be ready for download the next day, simply LOGIN and click download on the file.

About Us

Our Vision

To be a world leader in embroidery digitizing and vector art services.  We want our customers to think of us first when they need digitizing or vectorization.  Our customer base has a 98% satisfaction rate over the last 20 years as we provide the best quality and on-time delivery with the most cost-effective plan in the industry.


Our digitizing factory also supplies our patch factory and hat company.