Artwork services

At In House our dedicated team of digital artists are able to deliver a full range of digital artwork services to support your embroidery and printing processes. Whether you’re looking to turn images into vectors, remove backgrounds or need custom artwork designed, we can save you time and money.

Our artwork rates start from just $13 and are typically  a nearly-unbeatable $13–25 for simple vectorizing or custom designs. All custom art and vectorizing a design is done by hand, nothing autotraced and the price ranges from $13 to $25. Please note that complex designs will cost more 


Vectorizing Service


Remove backgrounds and turn cluttered images into clean vectors that can be scaled to any size without losing resolution. Ideal for screenprinting, vinyl and any print applications.

It takes time and experience to turn standard images into vector graphics. Time is money. Our digital artists have years of experience, day-in-day-out, of vectorizing images. This efficiency means you get consistent high-quality results at incredibly low cost.

Custom design


Need custom artwork that’s optimized for embroidering or screenprinting?

Our skilled digital artists have the knowledge and experience to create artwork that not only looks great but also meets your specifications and is optimized for cost-effective production.

Having digitized over 200,000 designs, the In House team know exactly what it takes to produce successful designs.