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Fast and reliable digitizing high quality at low prices


  • $25 for left chest and hat logos
  • Fast turnaround and edits
  • Simple right-first-time process
  • Responsive USA-based service
  • Rigorous 2x quality control

In House is the quickest and most hassle-free way to create perfect embroidery designs

1  Fill out the easy-to-use order form and upload your design with proper information

2  You’ll receive a perfect embroidery file and a scanned image of our results

25+ years of embroidery experience and over 2,00,000 designs digitized

With In House Digitizing you get skilled digitizers not automated scanning software.

And that’s important. Finished designs are higher quality and designed for real-world applications. It means avoiding the hidden costs of a sub-standard design. From costly thread breaks during production to time wasted on testing and revising a design. Get it right first time.


We welcome customers outside of the USA. We serve leading workwear/ schoolwear companies and over 600 contract embroiderers not only in the US but also around the world.

Digitizing Services

At In House Digitizing, we have assembled a team of embroidery artists that literally create masterpieces with stitches.
Never do we use automatic tools, as we are practiced in the three basic stitch types – run, satin and fill – and the variables
that those stitches allow us.  We understand that proper stitch length and density are key components to creating a smooth
and stress-free design.  After our embroidery artist is finished with the design, he hands the file off to a quality control
team member where it is tested on an industrial embroidery machine using the proper material with 75/11 needles and 40# thread.  Fewer trims and thread breaks along with optimized stitch counts increase production and lower production costs.

Artwork Services

Being entrenched as suppliers for the ASI and PPAI industries, we quickly realized that not everyone had access to camera
ready or hi-res digital artwork.  We started offering our artwork services to the public in 2000 and it’s been a blessing for us and our customers.  We were able to secure a great artistic team well-versed in Adobe’s Illustrator and PhotoShop as well as Corel Draw.  We vectorize logos by redrawing the logo, as with our embroidery service, we do everything by hand, no automatic tools.  On the occasion we do use an autotrace tool, it’s because it is a simple shape and we clean it up anyway.  Whether you’re looking to turn images into vectors, remove backgrounds or need custom artwork designed, In House can save you time and money.


The team at In House Digitizing saves us time and money.  I’ve used In House for many years, not realizing what a dream they are to work with.  One day, we decided to try a less expensive Chinese company, and, honestly, the designs weren’t rotten, but each one did need at least 1-2 edits before it was 100% right.  Some I could do (inserting missing trims or color changes), some I needed the digitizer to do (proper pathing and changing stitch types).  Soon after we switched, my head operator asked “why are we being this digitizers sample room?  Your other guys got it right the first time.”  I literally ran back to In House as I realized the $5-8 savings per design, really wasn’t worth the extra work.

~ Chris Gallagher / Green Mountain Embroidery